It began with heartbreak, ended with love and in the middle I found myself”

Unbroken Full Length Album

April Anne is originally from Boston, MA but  has called Arizona home since 1990. 

April has been writing music and poetry since she could put a pen to paper.  Her lyrics always come from a place that she knows, her life.  She has lived major ups and downs and all are reflected in her music. 

When she is in love she writes songs that could melt any man's heart, but when she's been hurt she writes lyrics that touch many deeply.  She admits she has made many mistakes, but if given the opportunity wouldn't change a thing from her past, for they all made her who she is today. 

No matter where life leads her, we can always rest on knowing she'll be singing about it in one way. 

April  released her first full length studio album in February 2017.

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